Hand made Face Masks

By Adrienne

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As this had been a terrible year for milliners, few weddings and race days canceled, we decided to keep sewing by designing and creating hand made face masks.

Our designs have been very popular as we us high quality cotton fabrics. All of our face masks, face coverings, are totally reversible. On the outer side there is a pattern and inside a complimentary plain colour. Each one has 3 layers, 2 cotton and interfacing as the centre layer. The elastic has a toggle which make all the masks adjustable. 

The face mask cotton we use is quilting standard and therefore of a very high quality, a denser weave.

We make our face masks in 2 sizes, medium and large however, we make other sizes, such as small and extra large face masks to order.

Some of our designs are available to buy in our shop. We are constantly making new designs so if there is any particular style or theme you are after please do contact us to see what we have available. 

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